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The Party was a series of demo party events from 1991 to 2002. This website has information about the events, the organizers behind it, and results and files from the competitions held.

Journal from maintainers of website:


Editing has been disabled for several months due to too much spam. I have added recaptcha and editing is now possible again.

Also, the creole wiki syntax has been upgraded.

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  • Discovered that edits resulted in internal errors for a couple of months. The problem is now fixed and edits should be possible again. Let me use this opportunity to remind that webmasters to setup CMS system and manage content are still wanted.

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  • Enabled site stats using google Analytics

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  • Edits was allowed again some time ago.
  • Added some notes to contribution templace that edits are welcomed.

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  • Due to spam, temporarily disabled edit. If you need to edit anything (and there is lots to do!) then send me an email or drop by on irc.

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  • ElGreco fixing css.
  • Made website go live

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  • Found a few old org charts, and adjusted Organizers' status accordingly.
  • Loaded results from 2001 and 2002
  • Added file download links to all 2002 contributions.

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  • Extracted nearly 1000 webpages from database, including, rules, prizes, results, network info, schedule, news etc. for several parties. Started to convert them into wiki pages. But for results and file archive there is just too much work for me alone to do. We...
  • Need FileManager!!! Or a few of them. To help with importing information about results and contributions.

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  • Imported all information about organizers from database. I had to do it all manually over the past few days, as data were too inconcistent to make a clean dump.
  • Imported various data form current wiki site, mostly entered by HeavyHead.
  • Imported the photo galleries from 1994 and 1997. The photos are of low quality, so I hope other photo galleries will be made available later. For now this is all that exists.
  • Found Rules and Prizes in database for 1999 and 2000 events and added the info to Results pages.

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  • Imported remaining contributions with hard titles
  • Generated competitions result lists
  • Competition index added
  • Basic party event info added

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