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4 Channel Music 1993

RankTitleMade ByPreview
1Elektrik FunkMoby of Sanity
2Hideaway BluesChorus & Sid of Razor 1911
3Blow upArios & Feyd of Delight
4Kenmare RiverDOH of Cryptoburners
5SequestralMr. Man of Andromeda
6Defined as messJason of Lemon.
7Morning in sarajevoUnison of Impact
8Jammin' in the windBraintumour and Heywood, of Stone A
9No CornersThe Master of Silents DK
10World of spiritsSowel & Prime of Razor 1911
11Fuck the normChromag of DCS
12A shade in watingFash of Indy
13Glew of the nightSire of Lego
14Transonic ThemeB-toven of Transonic
15Nypon SoppaDaeron and Artie of DCS
16Sylvis's ThemeMel o'dee of DCS
17God WatchersX-Cess of Indy
18DeflorationEmax of TRSI
19Piggie's HutRomeo Knight, MSQ
20Hot Bits 2Slide of Parasite
21DoeatiAlex of Brainstorm Prods.
22Dont need your loveConrad of Indy
23Rubber ComputerHille of Insanity
24Banana splitPizzy of CNCD
25AnimationizationizeNavt of Magnetic
26NappyzapLava of Scubacid
27Groove-SnusOmen of Indy
28One single step into darknessRandall of Majic 12
29HeatbeatHeatbeat of CNCD
30Safe SexWinger of Fever Design
EchoingWorld of Wonders
DrakfelchAmadeus of Meka Design
ElectrocutionCain of Artifizial
[[Existence!]]Spacebrain of Kingdom
Exuding sararr vgrVenger & Marvin of Dragnet
YellobeardEksec of Infect
World of fantasyLizardking of Razor 1911
Will of the windOlav-Rasmus Vorren
Western party editionHorst of Interpol
West history
Weak but uniqueMystra of Stone Arts
Vodka dreamsFlower Child
Virtual realityVirus of Skidrow
Unity in dubRandall
Tu2 and rememberCosmic of Logic
Trinity paradoxEpithal of Limited Edition
Trance universeNightmare of Elicma
Touch thisDrac
Those where daysVincent Voois of Digital Art
The quickeningBudweiser of Hardcore Design
The flashbackWishbone of Intense
TechnopopZing of Pacific
TechnojazzThe Pornos of Noiseless
Technical bootSiracon & Mellon of Defiance
Taffel chipsD-Zire of TSL & TDS
S themeLaurent Guyon
Stupid themeSmullquedeur
SportFraction of CNCD
Source of insJake of Redland Prod.
Snerotten knud
Shores of valinorInterphace of Andromeda
Scream from space 2Xtd of Mystic & Union
Pro formaDeelite of Razor
PragmatiqueRadar of Contrast
Popin' upGorfy of Hardcore Design
PolygonewindowMotion of Balance
PokUncle Sam of CNCD
Playing rough 2Lizard of Lemon
Pink waveVoyse of Delight
Piano symfoniJesper Wilhelmsson
Out of controlSlaze of Defiance
Oro incensoJogeir Liljedahl
Nowhere wheneverMeatloaf of CNCD
Not Ever Since.Deckard of Avoid
NimPsimon of Compact
Next way to futureRaistlin of Cpm
New year 1994Rash of Partek
NeurocycleTeque of Aggression
NemesisRadix of Meka Design
MysteraveLaz of Deflect
[[Mylife rewound!!]]Animal of Defect
Move your body
My dick in her mouthAlc'o Hole of Smash
MotractionAscender of Logic
Morning air$vokraq of Gollum
Modern classicsGin of Dual Crew-Shining
MinusmodCytron of Ko Prod.
Me and the MadmanSolo of Hangover
MaidenhairHellrazor of TRSI
Lookin for weekendRandall
LethargicAche & Nrg of Pointless
Latexx 3
Keep it upThe Spirit of Headroom
Just a bargainBeathawk
Is it me or reality
InnocenceStrobo of Stellar
In orbitC-Quence of Impact
IllusionsMindrax of Flashpoint
Holidays '93Snoopy of Energy
Highway to hellW.O.T.W of Essence
Happy beesSun of Dreamdealers
Groove yardElf of Hardcore Design
GratitudeDime of Decnite
Ghetto rapTommy of Complex
Figo americano
FantaMajor Tom of CNCD
FankiBetsay of Insane
Faked realityAndy of Nuance
ExperimentalCueder of Ozone
Equal justiceBlue Fox of Balance
Kingdom of dwarfsHerman of Masquerade
A piece of spacefunkHenning Brau of Associate of Arts
Pingi the penguinRokdazone of Infect
Valentines day giftGoofy of Masquerade
2 much 4 U frexNagash
I drink whiskyPetroff of Absolute
A call todayClawz of Complex
Ambient zingLiquid of Paarsite
A shining rainbowJames of Decnite
An acetip dreamMindfuck of Mentasm
Beauty and the hornEpos of Taurus
BicyklopediaCarillon & Cyberiad
Blind justiceEremation
Binary orgasmElectroholic of Access
Blue 3
Bounzie boomBeathawk of Wizzcat
Brain for sale
CabalisticMemorys of Ivory
City of lightGandbox of Ivory
Cry out for love
Dance BoosterVincent Voois of Digital Arts
Data Pheed 2
Cyber rain