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Wild Demo 1997

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> == Rules
> * In this competition there are practically no restrictions.
> * Allowed audio connectors: (mini)jack (mono/stereo), scart, phono (mono/stereo).
> * Allowed video connectors: Phono composite pal, VGA/SVGA 15 pin SUBD (max. 1024 x 768), RGB 23 pin SUBD (Amiga), scart composite pal, SVHS mini din.
> * Note: If your contribution can take part in other competitions it cannot take part in WiLD!.
> * A complete list of the hardware & software used must be available.
> * Entries may also be delivered on VHS, SVHS or Betacam SP tape.
> * No more than 15 min. will be shown.


RankTitleMade ByPreview
1Rules have changedMelon dezign
2The shortest WilddemoZnorc & unison of Impact DK
3JamoohJTR of Exposure
4The monster and the nightLars Schjøth of MPH Animation
5WeaknessCheesy of Subscure
6Party PanicXenon of XTC-DK
7Rund FunkOpedion of Random number Visuals
8A wild dayDon doh of Don Doh
9Banana split in pyjamasPN-sect
10Brown SugarDanizgo Foddz
11Omega RaacMusli and bloodstone of Tulou
12XMS 97Headroom of 3Differente
13We are differentCause of westbam DK
14GloomyGriebel of Novasion
15Men on demosMiss Saigon of Theesome
15SurrenderMetric of Subscure
17T.HazeTante Arne of Have Nix



  1. $2500
  2. $1250
  3. $750
  4. $500
  5. $250