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4 Channel Music 1997

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> == Rules
> * Max. size is 1 MB.
> * Must be Protracker format.
> * Will be played with Accessible Player (Amiga).
> * Max. one tune per musician.
> * Max. 5 min. will be played.


RankTitleMade ByPreview
1Sassy NotionPink of Abyss
2Pneumaticmuffler of Haujobb & dcs
3SpacewardsDascon of Iris
4Energy extensionNotman of Iris
5Fuck you if you dont like my hat
6BurstpolkaIllusion of DCS & DSD
7Broken Wah WahMarc of Haujobb
8Fade 2 BlackDeelite of Balance
9ScreamZixaq of Ephidrena
10Now and foreverCDK of Haujobb + Sector 7
11Break InfiltratorCurt Cool of Depth
12SummerwagonFudge of Subspace
13Tears of crystalsFrequent of Ephidrena
14HillGerard Itultink
15EterniaAzazel of TBL
16Mhh.. She tastes NiceSixpack & Camel of Gods
17This-Shit-HitsKnækpølsen of Sumpen
18Slowrideboo of Spaceballs
PlasticTripper of Sulpu
Numbfish JohnRepe of Style
Angie is an AngelFolar of Style
PhongmapVibe of Dole , C-Lous
Pzett 2 ComposersionTecon of Planet Jazz
Boogie BenteDR
DangerHighvoltage of Bad vector
FiletrancerBlokCheesy of Subscure
Burst'n'burnAntibrain of Bizarre Arts
RampageRaveøn of Polygon
BuffelsnaseWide of Dumb
One way to heavendreyer of Blasphemy
RespiratorkjeldFader Chinchille of Fesba
LevitateGlobal Bass of Faque
BoverKillDoggyDoc? of Exlex
Fairy talesOrbiter of Franklvn
LifeBrain Rain of Inlightenment
ælllCA2Los of Breeze
Mr. Suxx
Resonance de pacificSolar Crisis of Refinition
Eastern RainFeanor of Genetic
To make angels singmelwyn of acid rain
DariachePoison/Blocc & blackpercy
MinestieMajorSam? of Exlex
XLE - XTCAvenger of Exlex
Double Dragon tuneEha of Smash Designs
Das pootPekka pou of Da jormas
Fantastic WorldComparade Meeting
Resonance de PacificSolar Crisis of Refinition
SupagreenGanja of Nerve axis
High Techno Logicc-eAgle of exlex
äselKlumzyk_k of Renegadez



  1. $600
  2. $400
  3. $200
  4. $100